Own projects

  • GraphMagic (GPL)  pluggable tool for scientists working in graph theory. In development.
  • WikiMathDB (GPL)  human and machine understandable mathematical database. Frozen.
  • More than 15 others, those will never see the world.

Handy tools

  • phpworktimer  tool to track your personal time. You can create and group tasks, start/stop timers at a task, set $/hour for each task, see how much time you've spent.
  • v.php (description script shows debug backtrace or full variable of any type. Does it pretty good, much better than internal var_dump() or print_f(). Just call v() or v($foo).
  • sync.py  script saves complete directory tree with filenames under current working directory. I use it to find out what happened in the directory after last call to sync. Useful when you have more than one computer and want to keep your "Install" and "Music" directories synchronized.
  • tool.php  my child script for "internal" purposes. Mainly used for dump javascript variables. But also can help in building javascript regular expressions, erasing whitespaces from php4 code, fitting font color with bgcolor, downloading numbered pages.
  • magic  for me

My CV/Resume